Home Organizer Services San Diego

Home Organizer Services San Diego, California.

1:1 Coaching Services

Gain the skills & knowledge to tidy and maintain your space! Adopt a more minimalist lifestyle by learning the method of how to declutter, organize, and practice healthy habits through a functional system. Find out what’s included.

Organization for You

Save your time & energy. Let us do the hard work for you! Nicole will keep your goals and pain points in mind as she organizes items and sets up a functional system around your daily habits. Find out what’s included.

Virtual Coaching Services

Clients receive custom solutions via online lessons, layout plans, recommended product lists and more! Find out what’s included.

All Service Fees are Project Based

Every space and the amount of items in the space is unique to each individual, family, and company. Prices vary for each client and are based on:

  • the size of the space
  • time it takes to complete
  • client location
  • amount of items to organize

Whether it is organizing a single project or the entire home, Tidy Lifestyle is committed to completing every project from start to finish. We leave each client feeling happy and satisfied in their most ideal tidy lifestyle.

Home & Office Tour Visit

Before the professional organizer festivities begin, Nicole will come to your space and evaluate the cost of your project. This is the opportunity to show your areas of concern and learn how Nicole will address your specific goals.

Starting at $150

Tidy Lifestyle Organizes for any Event.
  • Moving
  • Baby Preparation
  • Estate Sales
  • Recent Break Up
  • Office Spaces & Home Offices
  • Family Visits
  • Partnerships with Businesses such as Realtors, Designers, Hospices
Add-On Services
  • Selling Items Online
  • Discounted Subscription Maintenance Sessions
  • Hiring Cleaners, Hazmat, Moving Companies
  • Digital Organization for PC and MAC
  • Travel Organization: Packing, Planning, Preparation


San Diego Professional Organizer