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Best Backpacking List 2023

Check out the best 2023 backpacking list for my upcoming trip! Six months, five countries, one bag! 2023 Country List New Zealand New Zealand is known for its amazing scenery. A campers paradise and hikers dream! It’s important to wear layers, layers layers! Rain happens often and it’s important to be prepared at any moment…

How to Discard: Donations, Recycling, & Trash

Where do you take donations, recycling, and trash? What can I donate? What about hazmat? Where & What can I Donate? In the United States there are three major donation centers: Goodwill General Items: See more information about large donations, electronic donations, and items they DO NOT accept. Salvation Army Learn more about specific items…

How to Organize Duplicates Guide

Learn how to declutter, organize, and maintain duplicates with our step by step guide! What are the pain points? What are the causes? What is the solution? Step 1: Joy Check Duplicates Step 2: Designate a Home for the item(s) When picking a location, pick a place that is: Step 3: Pick a place to…


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