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How to Fold (Easy Edition)

The basics of how to fold clothes & more Folding Guidelines: Pants Shorts Shirts Outerwear Socks Undergarments Thoughts from Nicole I feel you. Doing laundry is never a task I’m jumping for joy with. As organized as I am there are some days when I’m just too busy or tired to deal with laundry. I […]

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Q & A: Tidy Lifestyle Organizing

Q & A: Tidy Lifestyle Organizing What triggers cause people to want to organize? What are the signs to start organizing now? Physical: Behavioral Emotional What can I do today? Start with a category. Clothing is the easiest category to get started with. Clothes are something we touch and use daily. It is much easier […]

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Simple Organizing Tips & Tricks

Ready to tidy? Check out these simple organizing tips & tricks! Focus on Joy: Learn how to Joy Check! Closet Tips Simple Kitchen Organizing Atmosphere Storage Tricks What simple organizing tips & tricks do you want? For more tips see Marie Kondo’s Website Organize your space around your daily habits.

The Best Marie Kondo Quotes

A compilation of all the best Marie Kondo quotes to inspire you! “The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.” “When we ask ourselves, Does this spark joy? We reconnect with our inner self and discover what’s really important to us. The result […]


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