Lisa Workouts

Nicole coached me to achieving all of my goals for this process. From the beginning, she helped me to visualize how I wanted my space to me, and helped me keep that vision in mind to stay motivated throughout. I was feeling overwhelmed by my stuff, and existing in a state of constant mental disorganization due to the physical disorganization in my home. By spending the time and doing the work with Nicole helping and coaching me, I now feel empowered by my space. Everything is in its right spot, easy to find, use and put away. The organizing process is difficult and time-consuming, but the rewards are so worth it! What I appreciated most about working with Nicole was her judgment-free approach. She helped free me from a lot of guilt that was causing me to hang onto unwanted gifts and items I had purchased but never used. Going forward I will be able to make better decisions and not have to spend my emotional energy feeling badly about clutter. Thank you Nicole!!!

Anca said Nicole was professional and organized.

This was my first time working with a professional organizer. Nicole was very lovely to work with, professional and organized (as one would expect). We worked together thru my wardrobe and managed to all things organized. I was very happy with how she did an overview at the beginning of each session, and how she explained why we will do some things and not some other things. I liked how she guided the process, asked powerful questions and paid attention to my energy. I did not feel pressured or tried to be persuaded L. Nicole was also great at giving me tips of how to maybe tackle other sections of our wardrobe. The best part of my experience was the joy and lightness I could feel by slimming down my closest and organizing all things in a manner that was more pleasant to the eye and also a lot more practical. I would definitely recommend Nicole and her tidying up services to my friends and family 😊

Nicole is absolutely amazing.

Nicole is absolutely amazing. I thought I had a literal mountain of clutter that I felt too anxious to tackle. She rolled up her sleeves and went to work. My apartment was ship shape within hours of her arrival. I can’t recommend her enough! If you need some help getting some structure in your life I can’t recommend tidy lifestyle enough!

Nicole is great to work with

Nicole is great to work with, an excellent communicator, runs a fantastic website and offers a load of wonderful options and information. Highly recommend her services.

Nicole was very helpful.

Nicole was very helpful and gave us great suggestions to declutter our apartment and make the most effective use of our limited space. She also helped show us how to fold clothes efficiently and how to display them for easy access.

Definitely Recommend

“If you think you know how to organize your things think again. My mind was blown at how much room I had once things were placed neatly. Definitely recommend!!”

Nicole is a life saver!

“Nicole is a life saver! I had been looking to organize my bedroom and get rid of boxes of stuff I had been carrying around for too many moves. I told her my ultimate goal for the space and she came up with a solid plan using the KonMari Method, which really helped me determine the value in the things I was keeping and let go of stuff I had been holding on to for way too long. It was a hard process but, Nicole was so helpful and so nice! I feel such a sense of relief and it’s all thanks to her”