Jenny said I’m proud to say two months later, our system is still working great.

I was looking for a reasonably priced professional organizer and happened to find Nicole on Tidy Lifestyle. I hired her to help declutter and re-organize my home in anticipation of a new baby. I’m proud to say two months later, our system is still working great.

I can’t recommend Nicole enough. Her professional organizing services are worth every penny! More than a KonMarie consultant, Nicole felt like a best friend and life coach. I finished my tidying festival a transformed person (and with a decluttered home).

Although we only did virtual sessions, they still worked out great. She was always available via email or text, and would follow up our sessions with notes, personalized organizing blueprints, and tips.

From the very first session, I was amazed at her approach to organizing–viewing it as a way of life rather than just “cleaning.” I had struggled for years with clutter and saving useful items “just in case.” She coached me through the overwhelming task of decluttering and taught me how to evaluate if something truly sparks joy. I especially had a hard time letting go of the new clothes I never wore or the presents I never used. She taught me to be grateful for the original emotions/thoughts a particular object evoked, but then to let go of the guilt and part with them. I left our sessions energized, motivated, and transformed.

As a side note, I loved Nicole’s modified folding method of turning everything into packets, making it easy to take out or rearrange clothing without the folds falling apart.

Nicole is beyond amazing! You won’t regret hiring her.

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