Lisa Workouts

Nicole coached me to achieving all of my goals for this process. From the beginning, she helped me to visualize how I wanted my space to me, and helped me keep that vision in mind to stay motivated throughout. I was feeling overwhelmed by my stuff, and existing in a state of constant mental disorganization due to the physical disorganization in my home. By spending the time and doing the work with Nicole helping and coaching me, I now feel empowered by my space. Everything is in its right spot, easy to find, use and put away. The organizing process is difficult and time-consuming, but the rewards are so worth it! What I appreciated most about working with Nicole was her judgment-free approach. She helped free me from a lot of guilt that was causing me to hang onto unwanted gifts and items I had purchased but never used. Going forward I will be able to make better decisions and not have to spend my emotional energy feeling badly about clutter. Thank you Nicole!!!

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