Organize Books

How to organize books successfully

The guide to success:

Always keep your ideal lifestyle in mind! As you prepare to organize books we need to refrain from reading. When we read books it distracts us from focusing on our emotions.

  • Rule 1: Take every book off the shelf
  • Rule 2: Do not open and read the books
  • Rule 3: Book trilogies can be held at the same time

Marie Kondo’s Tidy Order

  • General (books for pleasure)
  • Practical (instructional, cookbooks, etc.)
  • Visual (coffee table, photography etc.)
  • Magazines

How to Joy Check

  • Step 1: Pile all books in the entire home
  • Step 2: Pick a book that Sparks Joy – use this as an inspirational marker
  • Step 3: Pick up a book one at a time. Focus on the feeling it gives you. Think of its purpose. Ask yourself a few of the joy checking questions to make a decision.
  • Step 4: Place book in keep or donate pile
  • Step 5: Store books to keep on shelves temporarily

Joy Checking Questions

  • Do you want this information to stay by you and support you as your life changes?
  • Is the potential future use of the book equal to the value of the space it will take up?
  • Do you want this book in your ideal lifestyle environment?
  • What emotions and feelings will you enhance by having this book in your life?

Why is it hard to discard books?

  • “I might read it again.”
    • Ask yourself honestly, have you read your favorite books more than once?
  • Books are meant to be read. If you’ve read it, then the knowledge is inside of you.
  • We always have the best intentions. Have the courage to ask yourself honestly if you will read it or accept that this book has served its purpose in teaching you what you don’t like to read.
  • If you can’t commit to reading it today, most likely someday will not happen.
    • Let it go.
  • If you let go of a book and are still thinking about it, you learned that you’re passionate enough to buy another copy and read it.

What books Spark Joy for you?

“What I really wanted to keep was not the book but certain information or specific words contained.”

– The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo