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Tidy Lifestyle gives clients back their time, space, and life by providing home organization services, decluttering, downsizing, and functional system set ups. The Tidy Lifestyle goal is to improve your quality of life and guide you to a more productive & minimalist lifestyle.

We align your vision and goals with custom systems and holistic solutions – focusing on the home, mind, & soul.

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    before photo of cluttered and messy living room. before hiring professional organizer
    After photo of minimalist  living room after hiring professional organizer
    nicole sachiko owner of tidy lifestyle travel and home organization

    Nicole’s Story

    During my childhood I grew up in a hoarder home in Lafayette, California. It was typical to walk through “alley ways” of piles upon piles of clutter, a tradition to declutter the table before meals, and a struggle to find items when needed. I can empathize personally with what it feels like to be physically cluttered and mentally stressed. How items naturally accumulate over time and hold us back instead of enhancing our daily lives. Today I live a minimalist lifestyle and truly believe by having less you can live more.


    • BA in Psychology
    • Minor in Health Education