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Pick the service that fits your needs! Tidy Lifestyle offers in-person coaching sessions in San Diego and virtual coaching services for those who live far! Save time & energy with our traditional organizing sessions where we organize for you!

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Tidy Lifestyle is committed to leaving you happy and satisfied. Every project is completed from start to finish in a safe judgement free environment! We organize small spaces to entire homes. Your tidy dream is just a click away!

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Save time and energy by finding exactly what you need, when you need it! Surround yourself with items that you love and use. Be encouraged to maintain a tidy lifestyle where every item has a home, is easy to find, and where you can see everything in an instant.

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Miscellaneous items throughout your home in drawers, closets, and on surfaces. Laundry placed wherever you last left it after getting dressed and ready for an appointment. The endless abyss of misplaced keys, mail, receipts, packages, and clothes. The struggle to stay focused while keeping up with work, relationships, and leisure activities. Disorganization is normal! No one has everything together, all the time. No person is perfect. Organizing is more than decluttering and tidying up – it’s a lifestyle. The key is to create a system that you can sustain and maintain. To find what you need, when you need it.

Disorganization, clutter, and procrastination can cause you to feel overwhelmed and stressed. Things snowball out of control even more when you travel, move, and have kids. It’s okay, Tidy Lifestyle Professional Organizing is here to help! Imagine knowing where everything you own is. Envision walking into a space you are proud to call home. A home you feel confident and inspired to live your best life – everyday.

What you may see as clutter, chaos, and mess, I see as an opportunity to grow and learn. The Tidy Lifestyle goal is to keep you motivated to maintain healthy habits and stay organized. How? By using organizing as a platform to learn about yourself, the items you own, and how you want to move forward. A personalized organizing system designed for you to help you succeed! By working together, I will help guide you to decide what is 1) worth keeping 2) how to organize and store more efficiently and beautifully 3) how to try to make healthy decisions moving forward.

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Meet Nicole Sachiko – Organizing means so much more to me than tidying physical spaces. It is a vehicle to help clients learn about themselves, how to maintain organization, and to live their ideal tidy lifestyle.

During my childhood I grew up in a hoarder home. It was typical to walk through “alley ways” of piles upon piles of stuff, a tradition to clear clutter off the table before meals, and a struggle to find items when needed. I can empathize personally with what it feels like to be physically cluttered and mentally stressed. How items naturally accumulate over time and hold us back instead of enhancing our daily lives. In college I studied Psychology, Child Development, and Health Education to ease my insatiable curiosity to help and understand people. After organizing my parents hoarder home I realized how the magic of tidying up can change lives physically and mentally. I went on to get certified with Marie Kondo as a KonMari® Organizing Consultant.

It is my joy in life to help guide you to rediscover what truly sparks joy for you – not only with your possessions but with your life in San diego!

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Nicole Sachiko has a bachelor is Psychology and child development. A minor in health education

BA in Psychology & Child Development
Minor in Health Education

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