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Home: When our possessions enhance our lives and make life easier. Click Below

Problem: I constantly search for lost items.

Solution: Designate a home for every item. Create a system where everything has a place of belonging. Commit yourself to putting items where they belong.

Problem: I have duplicates of the same stuff.

Solution: Create a system where all items are stored together by category. When like items live together, we know – how much we have, where it is, and if/when we need more. Clients find that they can keep better track of inventory throughout the home. Plus they save money and time!

Problem: I have too much stuff and clutter.

Solution: Declutter, organize and learn how to become more minimalist; then set up a storage system. Before we design the space and buy storage containers and furniture (if any); we first declutter by category from easiest to most difficult.

Problem: I’m moving/having a baby/____.

Solution: Tidy Lifestyle approaches organization with holistic solutions and systems. No matter what your situation is – we are here to support you!

tidy space empowers our mind

Mind When we feel empowered and inspired in our environment. Click Below

Problem: I feel stressed in my environment.

Solution: What is causing your stress? Let’s figure out what the source of your stress is and how to fix it. Do the possessions you own have purpose? Does your storage system make life easier?

Problem: It’s hard for me to let go of things.

Solution: Do you have trouble letting go of –

  • gifts?
  • sentimental items?
  • items you never used?
  • items you hardly used?

Rediscover yourself and let go of guilt. Every item you choose to keep or discard is an opportunity for you to learn about what you value.

Problem: I might need this in the future. *repeat* x10

Solution: Is the potential future use of this item equal to the value of the space it occupies? Learn how to declutter once and for all by focusing on what to keep – What Sparks Joy┬« What lifestyle do you want to live and does this item support you in that life?

Problem: I organize over & over, nothing changes.

Solution: Commit to the process and get it done. Tidy Lifestyle uses a holistic approach focusing on the physical, mental, and spiritual. Every step of the process is tailored to each client and their unique needs.

happy home happy soul

Soul: When we feel at peace with ourselves and live a tidy lifestyle! Click Below


Feel stronger and more confident to take life by the hands and say, “YES, I CAN DO IT!”

Peace of Mind

Know –

  • what you have
  • where it is
  • when you need more

Rediscover yourself through your possessions and learn what you value. When we know what we love, we make smarter decisions in the future.


Feel confident in your personal and professional life by being present and conscious. Let your environment guide you to your passions.

We align your vision and goals with functional systems and holistic solutions – focusing on the home, mind, and soul.

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