Spark Joy

I promise myself every day to live a life where I Spark Joy

“Tidying can help you get in touch with what you really want, show you what you need to change, and help you find joy in your environment.” – Marie Kondo

I love taking care of cats.

A not so secret, not so crazy, cat lady. In my spare time I like to foster kittens for the local animal shelter.

I am also a proud cat mom.

Spark Joy with eating delicious nutritious food!

Looking good and more importantly feeling good and being healthy are so crucial to my mental health.

Transforming my lifestyle is a huge contribution to what sparks joy in my life today!

Setting aside time to be outside.

I consider myself an active individual. When I’m not home organizing and cooking, I love to –

Take long walks

Hula hoop on the grass

Window shop

Befriend neighborhood cats

Try new foods

Exploring hidden gems

This is a photo in a nearby park called Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve.

You would never guess this trail is smack dab in the middle of the city.

Sometimes it’s nice to escape the city hustle without any hassle. What’s your escape?

Spark Joy Adventures – explore all the great places California has.

This is a photo I took in Yosemite on the way back from climbing Half Dome.

A picture barely scratches the surface of the beauty in this National Park!

Genuine connection to people, animals, plants, and life around me.

I painted this photo for my partner as a memento to all of our memories camping under the stars.

What sparks joy for you?