Tidy Guide

Reference the Tidy Guide to continue to spark joy in your home on your own!

Home Organization Process

  1. Pick a Category.
  2. Categorize items into subcategories. Example: towels > bath, hand, wash cloth, kitchen
  3. Joy Check/Declutter/Downsize.
  4. Contain Like-Items Together: Utilize drawer organizers, boxes, and bins throughout the home to reduce visual clutter.
  5. Designate ONE Forever Home: Example: all socks in one drawer, all cleaning products in one cabinet. This helps to keep track of inventory and be mindful of how much and what you have.
  6. Buy Storage Bins, Organizers, Containers (if necessary! Be sure to take measurements of your storage space before buying!)
  7. Commit to putting items where they belong. This is less about convenience and more about knowing where to find and place items.

The Tidy Guide Order

  1. Clothes (Easiest First)
  2. Books
  3. Papers
  4. Komono
  5. Kitchen Komono
  6. Sentimental (Hardest Last)

Checkout a visual of the The Tidy Lifestyle Process

Habit Building

  • Repeat Habits. Get in the routine of doing something to build the habit rather than focusing on the outcome. Example: Try to tidy for 2 minutes each day. Over time it will become automatic to tidy at the same time on the same day. Eventually 2 minutes will turn into 3 minutes then 4 minutes then 5 minutes….
  • Make Good Habits as EASY as possible. *Decrease steps*
    • most used items super accessible
    • labels to guide you
    • see everything anywhere when you open drawers/cabinets *hidden bliss* 
    • designate a clean and dirty clothes hamper
    • designate a wear-again clothing drawer or bin
  • Make Bad Habits as DIFFICULT as possible. *Increase steps*
    • unplug tv after 8pm
    • delete credit info off of apps/phone to encourage mindful spending
  • Stack Good Habits with Habits you Want to Form. Pair want activity with need activity.
    • after working out, tidy for 2 minutes
    • when you drink your morning coffee, make a tidy list for the week
    • after feeding your pet, do the dishes
  • Verbalize your Identity “What would an organized person do?” Organization can have a cascading effect on your lifestyle. When you leave an item out for convenience, open a package, or look around and see things on counters ask yourself, “what would an organized person do?” Embrace this phrase and see the value in the new you and lifestyle. Have your possessions work FOR YOU not against you. Source joy from having less but feeling more. No amount of stuff can make you as happy as the work you do for yourself. Be the best version of you. I believe in you!

More Habit Tips

  • Commitment Devices. Make a choice in present for a better decision in future. Example: hire Tidy Lifestyle and feel motivated to stay tidy.
  • One Time Decisions (make life easier). One time choices up front to increase the value long term. Example: After Tidy Lifestyle coaching sessions you’ll have the knowledge and skills to continue to organize on your own.
  • Make it Satisfying: Habits have to be enjoyable! Play music while you fold clothes or treat yourself to an ice cream after tidying the home.
  • Make Avoidance Visual. Example: Set up savings account and add items you would’ve bought there. 
  • Paper Clip Strategy. Track your habits. Example: Cross off each day on a calendar when you tidy.

Helpful Tidy Guide Links

Please don’t hesitate to reach out for support! Tidy Lifestyle cares about you no matter how much time and distance comes between us!