Organize Komono

How to organize komono – all the miscellaneous items in your life!

Why are my drawers and cabinets chaotic?

  • No designated forever home for categories
  • Not putting things away

Marie Kondo’s Tidy Order

  • 1. CDs/ DVDs
  • 2. Stationery supplies: tools, paper-like (post-its), letter writing (envelope)
  • 3. Electronic Items (phones, camera)
  • 4. Electronic Cords
  • 5. Electric items: USB, ink cartridges for printers, batteries
  • 6. Skin care items
  • 7. Makeup
  • 8. Hair goods
  • 9. Relaxing goods: candles, essential oils,
  • 10. Hygiene care
  • 11. Medicine
  • 12. Valuables: passbook, wallets, certificates
  • 13. Sewing kit materials and cloth: thread, scissors, needles, tweezers, etc.
  • 14. Tools
  • 15. Hobby
  • 16. Collections
  • 17. “Just Because” buttons, key chains, change, phone cases
  • 18. Linen & Towels
  • 19. Stuffed Toys
  • 20. Recreation: fishing, balls, equipment
  • 21. Seasonal
  • 22. Special occasion: ceremonial, charms, ritual objects
  • 23. Rain gear
  • 24. Paper + Shopping Bags
  • 25. Consumables: tissue, toilet paper, etc.

If there are many items in a category, create a new subcategory

How to Joy Check

  • Step 1: Pile one subcategory at a time
  • Step 2: Pick an item that sparks joy
    • Does it spark joy for you today?
    • Does it weigh you down or compete with your other priorities?
    • Does it contribute to your ideal lifestyle moving forward?
    • Is it something worth keeping if you move?
  • Step 3: Place items in Keep, Donate, or Trash
  • Step 4: Store items by category temporarily (final storage will be at the end)

Facts about komono

  • Be mindful of the items you kept “just because.” See how much of this category takes up precious space.
  • Presents show someone thought of you. The gift should not be kept out of a sense of obligation, guilt, or should be stored away. Thank it for the joy it gave you when you received it and say goodbye if it is not joyful.
  • Travel toiletries have a short shelf life of a few weeks to six months at most
  • Throw away mystery cords. They’ll always be an unsolved mystery.
  • How often do you have overnight guests? If you have guests once or twice a year, be mindful of how many linens you need and keep only ones that spark joy.
  • Free, new, unused items such as calendars, etc, can be donated
  • Add spare change in your wallet so you can use it

What Komono do you need help to organize?

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“Keep things because you love them – not ‘just because'”

– The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo